Meet Michelle Worthy, our new contributor

Groomer Connexion fell in love with Michelle's art and she accepted to become one of our contributors. Over the newt issues you will discover her fantastic work.

Groomer Connexion est tombé en amour de l'art de Michelle et elle a accepté de devenir l'un de nos contributeurs. Au fil des numéros, vous découvrirez son travail fantastique.

Groomer Connexion se enamoró del arte de Michelle y aceptó convertirse en una de nuestras colaboradoras. En las próximas revistas descubrirás su fantástico trabajo.

Michelle tells us a little about herself :

I have almost 30 years in the Pet Grooming Industry. Over the years I moved up quickly in the competition world. I am an open level competitor with dreams of being a Groom Team USA member and eventually an international judge. I'm proudly an International Certified Master Groomer. I have competed in Taiwan and South Korea and am a world champion on the USA Model Dog Team. I’m also a multiple Best in Show winner and was the captain of the Kentucky Grooming Team which won the National Championships in 2018. I have dabbled deeply into the creative world of grooming as well. I’m well known for my work on creative model dogs, Asian, freestyle grooms, color enhancing and fun, classy creative designs. My oldest poodle, Paris, is a bit of an industry celebrity and models for Sherri Hill gowns, one of the countries top formal wear companies. Also as of 2018, I was approached by Loyalty Pet Products to create my own line of grooming shears. Sales have been going well! I’m also sponsored by Hydra Pet Society, a company from Brazil that is the USA’s fastest growing line of professional pet hair products! I offer “Salon Refinement “ coarses, seminars, certification and competition coaching and one on one training all over the US. I personally own 7 dogs. I purchased or co-own them with breeders. I’ve collected these fine furry family members to assist in furthering my career.

You can follow Michelle on her instagram @michelle_worthyicmg

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